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45) DeKay had recently returned to New York from Turkey, where he had made a study of Asiatic cholera.
Facing the prospect of little or no support from federal, state, or provincial governments, the major cities of North America relied upon their own resources and the cooperation of their sister cities in the face of the impending arrival of Asiatic cholera in 1832.
Anniversaries: 1832: Asiatic cholera first appeared in Ireland in Belfast; 1879: Birth of German-born Swiss physicist and mathematician Albert Einstein; 1925: The first transatlantic radio broadcast was made; 1932: American inventor George Eastman, founder of the Kodak photographic company, committed suicide; 1981: England batsman Ken Barrington died of a heart attack touring the West Indies with the England team; 1991: The Birmingham Six jailed for the city pub bombings were released.