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The way that this concept might be applied to an urban context is to think of askesis as descriptive of the kinds of good limits that contribute to a lively urban environment.
9) Askesis is an essential concept with which to approach a statement like this of Fairburn's in 1932:
Second, and more important, the askesis we undertake is a vehicle for something beyond, "lest after preaching to others I should myself be disqualified.
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The bad humanism of the askesis of power masks the humanistic virtues rescued from the past.
The hagiographer represents Fulda as the intellectual and monastic center of the Carolingian empire, and by connecting that cloister with the Egyptian-like askesis of Sualo, Ermenrich enables Fulda's cenobites to enjoy a charismatic communion with the Golden Age of Christian asceticism while subtly assuring them that the priest and former monk Sualo was still part of the institution of the church.
Ernest Wallwork argues that phenomena such as selective attention, defenses, and denial merit greater consideration in religious ethics and the same could be said of the doctrine of sin; see his "Psychodynamic Contributions to Religious Ethics: Toward Reconfiguring Askesis," Annual of the Society of Christian Ethics 19 (1999) 167-89.
In fact this image of Hamlet burlesques the Stoic askesis, mastery over oneself, by the exercises of melete (meditation) and gymnasia (physical training).
30) But I think Pater's fascination with askesis also recalls us to the "kind of inconsistency" that is the focal point of Carolyn Williams' fine book, Transfigured Worm the inconsistency Marius experiences, that is, as he tries to reconcile his detached spectatorship with the forms of engagement that sustain traditional forms of artistic creation.
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