Asphalt roofing

asphalt roofing

[′a‚sfȯlt ′rüf·iŋ]
A roofing material made by impregnating a dry roofing felt with a hot asphalt saturant, applying asphalt coatings to the weather and reverse sides, and embedding a mineral surfacing in the coating on the weather side.

Asphalt roofing

A roofing material manufactured by saturating a dry felt sheet with asphalt, and then coating the saturated felt with a harder asphalt coating, usually in roll form.

asphalt prepared roofing, asphaltic felt, cold-process roofing, prepared roofing, rolled roofing, rolled strip roofing, roofing felt, sanded bituminous felt, saturated felt, self-finished roofing felt

Installing asphalt prepared roofing
A roofing material manufactured by saturating a dry felt with asphalt and then coating the saturated felt with a harder asphalt mixed with a fine mineral, glass-fiber, asbestos, or organic stabilizer; available in the form of rolls. All or part of the weather side may be covered with mineral granules or with powdered talc or mica. The reverse side is covered with a material suitable to prevent sticking in the roll. The
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While asphalt roofing products dominate in the US and Canada, they hold only a small share of the total roofing market in most other countries.
The roof has asphalt roofing and windows are changed for about 17 years ago from the original for plastic windows.
His broad background in roofing, waterproofing and air barriers and his active memberships in RCMA, the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA), RCI, Inc.
AAC Waterproofing has been trading from Gaerwen for more than 30 years and has forged a solid international reputation for providing mastic asphalt roofing and, more recently, prefabricated EPDM rubber.
As an exercise in sustainability, I decided to construct my scale model using only scraps available from the throw-away box of my favorite building supply center, plus what I had on hand: a few left over cedar shakes and a bundle of 20-year-old asphalt roofing shingles.
Tall Oaks' eight miles of collective pavement were recently topped and completed with a green road mixture that includes recycled asphalt roofing shingles ground up from old roofs.
The company's primary products include vinyl and cedar siding, custom steel and aluminum cladding, Fibre Cement siding (Hardiplank) and Asphalt roofing.
The large amount of discarded asphalt roofing shingles were difficult to recycle on the renovation project, according to the report.
The state has issued a consumer alert to the public stressing that landscaping mulch made from asphalt roofing shingles may be toxic, and recommending how to dispose of the material.
The rest would result from the combustion of petroleum products such as motor fuels, plastics, and asphalt roofing.
Gains will derive from expanding demand for asphalt paving products, which will benefit from new highway and road spending; and growth in demand for asphalt roofing products, which will benefit from recovery in nonresidential building activity.
A nonwoven fiberglass mat is an asphalt roofing base material that is manufactured from glass fibers and offers a long lifespan and high strength.

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