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see AsebAseb
or Assab
, town (1984 pop. 32,457), Eritrea, on the Red Sea. Ethiopia's most important port before Eritrean independence (1993), it continued, through agreements with Eritrea, to handle much of Ethiopia's foreign trade until the border war with Ethiopia brought
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, Eritrea.



a city and port on the shore of the Red Sea in Ethiopia. Population, 25,000 (1967). It is connected to Addis Ababa by a highway and has an airport. There is trade in cattle, skins, coffee, grain, and oilseeds. Assab has an oil refinery that was built with the help of the Soviet Union. Salt is mined in Assab.

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On the other hand, Afewerki denied the press reports that his country signed an agreement with Tehran under which Iran was awarded an exclusive right to develop an old oil refinery in the Assab area.
citizens are strongly advised to avoid travel near the Eritrean-Ethiopian border and the Southern Red Sea region, including the port of Assab, as there have been military tensions in these areas.
EXTENSIVE TOUR: The Gulf News team started the tour from the military camp of Sawa on the region bordering Sudan, and then moved south to the coastal city of Assab.
Amjad Abu Assab, who heads the (occupied) Jerusalem Prisoners' Committee, criticised the court ruling.
Mould, Special Steel, Precision Parts & 3D Technology (Halls 4 and 5) -- featuring global steel leaders such as ArcelorMittal, the world's largest steel manufacturer, SSAB, ASSAB, Scana, Bohler International, SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH, Baosteel Group and Dongbei Special Steel Group.
Hassan Benzerari, le heros de la celebre serie [beaucoup moins que] Assab oua aoutar [beaucoup plus grand que], est distribue dans deux œuvres.
The Southern Red Sea region's Ministry of Fisheries branch and Anberbeb Share Company jointly formed the training course for Fishermen from Assab, Ti'o, Eidi, Belubey and Ber'asole areas with the proper utilization of motor input for boats.
In August 2011, three separate incidents of piracy were reported off the Eritrean coast near the Port of Assab.
Ethiopia adhered to it and refused to decolonize it as it needed the Red Sea ports of Assab and Mussawa.
Amjad Abu Assab, from the prisoners' families committee,said police rounded up the five former prisoners at their place or work
After the destruction, by bombing, of Massawa in 1990, Mobil relocated our family to Assab, another port town in Eritrea.
Landlocked since the creation of Eritrea in 1993, which led to the loss of its two main ports, Massawa and Assab, Ethiopia is mindful of its links to the port of Djibouti.