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Easy start-up and low energy consumption achieved because knife assembly cuts molten polymer in air instead of cutting a semi-molten extrudate underwater or a hardened strand.
Using Autodesk Inventor and the Okino solution, Cooper Cameron has streamlined and reduced the effort required to repurpose its complex 3D Autodesk Inventor assemblies, assembly cuts and patterned geometry into downstream 3D multi-media animation packages, such as Autodesk(R) 3ds Max(R) software and Maya products.
Ease of assembly cuts construction costs by reducing labor time.
First Division Association national officer Paul Neilson said, 'The Assembly cuts will be made despite compelling evidence to show that WAG is inadequately staffed to cope with current workloads.
The National Union of Teachers council voted unanimously yesterday for action from September unless the Welsh Assembly cuts the daily burden.
Their Autodesk Inventor import solution is second to none and provides great attention to the proper import of Inventor data, such as assembly cuts and patterned geometry.

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