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According to the Institute of Justice, the Hirsch brothers, owners of the business, were denied a prompt hearing, a violation of the Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act.
State and local law enforcement officers can benefit from federal asset forfeiture law through the adoption process whereby a federal law enforcement agency processes a seizure that state or local officers originally had made.
Among the many purposes for asset forfeiture, some more prominent
The DEA's campaign includes elevating OxyContin to the status of other schedule II substances and using "aggressive undercover investigation, asset forfeiture, and informers," he noted.
The paper said that the grand-jury activity was instigated by the New York Asset Forfeiture Task Force, an ad-hoc law enforcement group that includes the New York City and Nassau County police departments, the U.
The American Bar Association (Chicago, IL) has published Asset Forfeiture: Practice and Procedure in State and Federal Courts, a paperbound book that is a guide to common legal issues involved with asset forfeiture and is targeted to both defense attorneys and prosecutors.
For law enforcement agents and agencies, the lure of asset forfeiture is strong, and the changes it has effected are significant.
As a result, Congress passed the Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 2000, which became effective on August 23, 2000.
The new Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act creates an innocent owner defense, eliminates the cost-bond requirement, extends the period to contest a seizure to 30 days, and most importantly, places the burden of wrongdoing on the government.
Civil Asset Forfeiture Legislation Passes, Includes Innocent Property Owner Protections
After a seven-year debate on reforming federal civil asset forfeiture laws, Congress passed the Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act last week, clearing the legislation for President Clinton's signature.

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