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(1) A specialist’s helper: in institutions of higher learning, the professor’s (instructor’s) helper at lectures and laboratory or practical lessons; in secondary schools, the examiner’s helper; in hospitals and clinics, the doctor’s helper, who watches how an illness is progressing and helps (assists) the surgeon during an operation; in the movies and theater, on television and radio, the helper of the director, operator, and so forth.

(2) In institutions of higher learning in the USSR: (a) a state office in a subdepartment that is filled competitively by persons having the appropriate higher education and qualified for teaching or scientific work; (b) the first scholarly title conferred upon teachers at universities by a resolution of the council of the institution of higher learning (the department) and confirmed by the rector.

(3) In the military: an honor guard of two persons accompanying the standard-bearer.

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Senior Assistant City Prosecutor Erma Joyce Foronda Remudaro (Manila)
Julius Caesar Jorge Gaurano, as Prosecutor III (Senior Assistant City Prosecutor), Makati City
The Q1 2018 Medical Assistant Salary report has been published on the CMA Guide.
Christiana Ehidiame, Special Assistant, Gender from Esan North East
However, the app is expected to come with some basic limitations on iOS, since Apple notably has its own Assistant competitor in Siri.
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Slowly but surely the role of the dental assistant is being recognized by the leaders in the dental trade.
Thomas, who lives and works in Birmingham, Alabama, is a virtual assistant, a self-employed independent contractor who handles administrative tasks for small offices via e-mail, fax, telephone, and the Internet.
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Gandera will be replaced at Franklin Elementary by Beatriz Bautista, who for five years served as assistant principal at Roosevelt Middle School.
While a nutrition and hydration assistant (NHA) earns less than a nurse or nursing assistant, there are still costs associated with putting a training program together.
VAs are administrative professionals who provide the same services as a traditional assistant, but work off site--virtually--using the latest technology tools of e-mail, Internet, phone, fax or instant messaging.

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