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Associated Press:

see news agencynews agency,
local, national, international, or technical organization that gathers and distributes news, usually for newspapers, periodicals, and broadcasters. Evolution of News Agencies
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Associated Press


one of the largest information agencies in the USA, founded in 1848. It is an influential monopoly. For all practical purposes, the Associated Press, with United Press International, controls the news media of the United States in the interests of the ruling circles. The Associated Press has more than 100,000 employees (1970). News agencies in many other countries (including TASS) use its information.

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The Associated Press was advised by Mitchell Steir, Matthew Barlow, and John Mambrino of Savills Studley.
From an Associated Press article from the Wisconsin State Journal of Madison: "Chronic pain, a misery in the lives of 100 million Americans, may be controlled by a `smart bomb' drug that brings relief without the dulling side effects of narcotics, researchers report.
Konsker said it was a two-year process to find The Associated Press a new headquarters that could accommodate its specific technical requirements.

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