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variant of AssosAssos
or Assus
, ancient city, Mysia, NW Asia Minor, on the Gulf of Adramyttium E of Point Lectum, westernmost point of Asia.
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3-4) nu=smas=za ziqqa assus es tuqq=at ICI-an-da assawes asandu "You be good to them, and let them be good toward you.
39) The backbone of the ASSUs were the "tentacles" that went forward to the leading formations.
Another difference was that in the British system the ASSUs and forward tentacles were manned with Army personnel (with the exception of any actual controllers in FCPs and VCPs), whereas in the U.
The tentacles, often forward with the lead brigades, passed requests for air support through the ASSU radio network, directly back to group-army headquarters, without passing through the intermediate divisional and corps levels of command.
All belonged to the ASSU itself, constituting a central pool of forward control parties that were then temporarily attached to leading Army headquarters.
One of the tentacle's radio sets was to receive the latest air reconnaissance reports, and the other was to tie into the ASSU network and pass back air support requests.