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Aisor (Aturai, as they call themselves), a people living in Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and the United States, and in the USSR and some other European countries. The total population is over 1 million (22,000 in the USSR in 1959). The modern Assyrian (Neo-Syriac) language belongs to the Hamito-Semitic family of languages. Religious Assyrians are Christians (mostly Nestorians). Most Assyrians are farmers. In some eastern countries Assyrians retain remnants of the tribal structure. In the USSR, most Assyrians live in cities. They regard themselves as descendants of the ancient Assyrians, and a substantial number of them retain many ancient customs, traditions, and cultural elements.


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TEHRAN (FNA)- The Assyrian town of Tel Tamar in Khabour, Syria, has been the focus of ISIL attacks again.
When there was an attempt to burn down a mosque last year, it brought some Assyrians face to face with racist Swedish citizens; standing before these Swedes, the Turkish Assyrians said: "As you see, we are from your religion, and we know some of the people who attend this mosque.
In Assyriological as well as in Biblical studies, three premises are assumed concerning Assyrianization: 1) that the Assyrians desired it, 2) that they enforced it, and 3) that it was successful.
The majority of Assyrians who came to North Battleford joined the Presbyterian Church.
The Assyrians will not be the only means of God's wrath.
Though Assyrians are the indigenous people of Iraq, they are now either being victimized and killed, or being driven out of their homeland.
Local Assyrians, he tells me, have their own community, their own culture, and their own church.
Babylon's comeback as a regional power begins when a leader named Nabopolassar takes control and fights off the Assyrians.
Assyrians need security, so we need a legal army within the Iraqi army to protect ourselves," said Michael Benjamin of the Assyrian Democratic Movement.
In addition to complex relief carving, the Assyrians were known for creating stunning gold jewelry and ornaments.
Like most of the Assyrian cities, Ashur was sacked in 612 BC when the ferocious and warlike Assyrians were finally overwhelmed by the combined forces of Babylonians and Medes.
NEW YORK -- As he emerged from today's joint meeting of the Iraqi opposition groups, Assyrian Democratic Movement General Secretary Yonadam Y.