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Not the Astronomer Royal for nothing, Maskelyne describes how "with the help of a pocket compass and small wooden quadrant, I found the bearing of the place in the sky .
Winning the French Guineas on Astronomer Royal in 2007 was extra special as it was my first Classic win.
Martin Rees, Britain's Astronomer Royal, last year praised Beagle 2 and its eccentric creator Pillinger, who had died at age 70, saying: "This was a failure, but a heroic failure.
Astronomer Royal Lord Martin Rees said: "The ancients were correct in their belief that the heavens and the motion of astronomical bodies affect life on Earth, just not in the way they imagined.
Judges on the panel for the prize include astronomer royal Martin Rees, this year's chair; James McConnachie; political writer and historian Peter Hennessy; director of Liberty, Shami Chakrabarti; and classicist Mary Beard.
The members of the Cambridge Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, led by Astronomer Royal Martin Rees and including Stephen Hawking, have said that the once the threats are identified they intend to devise methods to protect mankind, News.
Two notable examples are: the 8ft mural quadrant made for the second Astronomer Royal Edmond Halley and the 12ft zenith sector device made for James Bradley, who succeeded Halley as Astronomer Royal in 1742.
Professor Martin Rees, the astronomer royal, who will speak at the event, said: "When I first met Stephen it was thought that he might not live long enough even to finish his PhD degree.
John Flamsteed was appointed as the first Astronomer Royal and tasked with drawing a map of the heavens that could be used reliably for navigation at sea.
10am, Llwyfan Cymru - Wales Stage * Martin Rees, the Astronomer Royal and former President of the Royal Society, explores the challenges facing science in the 21st century.
Rees, who was awarded the honorary title of Astronomer Royal in 1995, has also been a leading theorist of the "multiverse.
Jon is one of the guests this weekend celebrating the 700th episode of The Sky at Night, alongside scientific luminaries including presenter Sir Patrick Moore, Astronomer Royal Lord Martin Rees and telly prof Brian Cox.