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Added to this edition are materials on CMOS logic; modern two-level and multi-level logic synthesis methods; logic design for emerging nanotechnologies; test generation, design for testability, and built-in self-test for combinational and sequential circuits; and modern asynchronous circuit synthesis techniques, among other recent topics.
The company has begun marketing the technology, an asynchronous circuit architecture called Sleep Convention Logic[TM] (SCL), which it sees as the breakthrough of the decade in integrated circuit design.
Using Tiempo innovative design flow, such highly performing hardware can be described with a standard hardware description language, synthesized with ACC, Tiempo unique asynchronous circuit compiler, then verified and placed-and-routed with standard simulation and back-end tools.
Tiempo licenses Verific's SystemVerilog analyzer and static elaborator to serve as the front end to its Asynchronous Circuit Compiler (ACC), synthesis software that generates asynchronous and delay-insensitive circuits from a model written in SystemVerilog.
Fulcrum Microsystems, a pioneer in asynchronous circuit design (clockless chips), is a fabless semiconductor company that is leveraging its patented Delay-Insensitive design methodology to develop clockless system-on-chip (SOC) solutions that offer significant advantages in power, performance and time to market over those designed using traditional synchronous VLSI design methods.
The themes are model transformations, concurrent system verification, conformance and run-time techniques, stochastic systems, asynchronous circuits, synchronous and heterogeneous systems, and timed systems.
International Symposium on Asynchronous Circuits and Systems (16th: 2010: Grenoble, France)
Beerel and Julio Arceo, "High-Performance Asynchronous Pipeline Circuits," Proceedings of International symposium on Advance Research in Asynchronous circuits and systems, October, 1996.
Using Questa CDC's static analysis capabilities, iD's design teams can quickly and easily uncover bugs in asynchronous circuits and avoid discovering them late in the design cycle or during lab verification.
The product handles combinational and sequential logic, synchronous and asynchronous circuits, ASICs and full-custom ICs, and low- and high-complexity chips including those with embedded functions such as RAM.
The 15 papers selected for the April 2008 symposium present recent research on data-driven asynchronous circuits, variability and power, latch protocols and pipelines, efficient and reliable schemes for computation and communication, and verification of asynchronous controllers.
Other coverage is of SoCs and asynchronous circuits, aging and wearout issues and mitigation approaches, radiation effects, signal integrity and error compensation, SER trends, fault tolerance, on-line and processor- based testing, and self-checking and self-testing.

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