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Paper presented at the 2000 Sloan Summer Workshop on Asynchronous Learning Networks.
Asynchronous learning includes vertical portals, computer-aided learning (CAL) and Web-based instruction (WBI).
Asynchronous learning nets (ALN) are designed to optimize content delivery in a user-friendly environment and are specifically structured for meeting the learning challenges associated with working adults.
Asynchronous learning networks take advantage of CMC to achieve the promise of learning
Hiltz (1997) provided an overview of asynchronous learning environments that would seem to be the best of all possible educational worlds:
With telecommunications technology, collaborative experiences can now include anytime/anyplace, asynchronous learning experiences.
When you add synchronous learning to asynchronous learning, you have something that really sings - time-shifting, greater access, lowered costs, and the ability to bring in speakers, faculty and students from anywhere in the world," Bourne explained.
In an asynchronous learning environment that mimics how Treehouse teaches students to code, the company's new Career Resources Center offers the following:
Paradigms for online learning: A case study in the design and implementation of an Asynchronous learning networks (ALN) course.
Streamlined Editing & Distribution--With access to the easiest-to-use online editing tools on the market, session organizers are able to maximize the value of recorded sessions, replaying them as asynchronous learning content or making them available to potential customers.
In addition to the upcoming presentations, Walden's research study "Linking Teacher Learning to Student Success" was recently published in the Sloan Consortium's Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks (JALN), Vol.
Action plans, centered around task-based activities, enable asynchronous learning.

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