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Society simply hasn't adjusted to the fact that there are mothers at work, she said.
Local union leaders who have been frustrated about how to reach workers who do not have access to e-mail and the Web at home or at work could spread information to workers on how to use their neighborhood library as a community technology center.
The Saratoga Institute study offers contradictory statistics, noting that less than 5 percent of the companies it surveyed claimed to be "very concerned" about employee personal use of the Net at work.
The economic forces at work here are simply too powerful,'' Coburn said.
According to the Census Bureau, nearly one in four fathers in two-earner families provide childcare while the mother is at work, and nearly one in five are the primary caregivers (which adds up to about 2 million men).
R S O I postpone fun activities until the deadline at work is over.
At work, I'm running to get all my work done in three days.
Dress for breastfeeding at work, including comfortable clothing
Dealing with control issues at work can compound the feelings of loss of control in one's life, further lowering a person's sense of control and self-concept.
For example, when teaching how to be implicitly out at work, counselors may coach a client and model effective ways to be implicitly out without explicitly disclosing one's sexual orientation.