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1 The only queen to occupy the throne of Judah, daughter of AhabAhab
, d. c.853 B.C., king of Israel (c.874–c.853 B.C.), son and successor of Omri (1.) Ahab was one of the greatest kings of the northern kingdom. He consolidated the good foreign relations his father had fostered, and Israel was at peace during much of his reign.
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 of Israel, wife of JehoramJehoram
or Joram
, in the Bible.

1 Son of Ahab, king of Israel (c.852–841 B.C.), brother and successor of Ahaziah (1.) He enlisted the support of Jehoshaphat of Judah to put down a revolt in Moab.
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2 of Judah, and mother of AhaziahAhaziah
, in the Bible.

1 King of Israel, son of Ahab. He was a worthy successor of his father only in that he followed Ahab's religious views. He was succeeded by his brother Jehoram (1.
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 (2) of Judah, whom she succeeded. She had the males of the royal family murdered, but her stepdaughter Jehosheba hid away a baby son of Ahaziah. Some years later, Jehosheba and her husband JehoiadaJehoiada
, in the Bible.

1 High priest. He married Jehosheba, a princess of Judah, and together they saved the infant Jehoash. They led the conspiracy against Athaliah that put Jehoash on the throne (see Jehoash (2)).
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 (1) effected a coup in favor of this baby, JehoashJehoash
or Joash
, in the Bible.

1 King of Israel, son and successor of Jehoahaz. He was generally successful in a war with Damascus, and he conquered Amaziah of Judah. He was succeeded by his son Jeroboam II.
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 (2.) Athaliah they killed. These events are the subject of Racine's Athalie.

2 Benjamite.

3 Father of one who returned with Ezra.


steals throne by killing all royal line. [O.T.: II Kings 11:1]
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Athaliah is not as obscure as some of the other women although she is not included in Matthew's genealogy of Jesus despite the other five women who are mentioned there.
John Prescott But as the roots of his family tree are probed further, a chilling secret about his maternal great, great grandmother, Athaliah Parrish, is revealed.
Several years later Jehoiada arranged for the overthrow of Athaliah with an impressive ceremony in which Jehoash was crowned as the new legitimate king of Judea (II Chron.
Various non-Jewish women in the Bible are more apt models, such as Jezebel and her daughter Athaliah, the Philistine Delilah, and Lilith, mentioned only once in the Bible, but whose surrounding legends and superstitions as a dangerous female demon are highly developed in post-biblical literature and popular culture.
Joram had an ally in this war: 22-year-old Ahaziah, King of Judah, whose mother was Ahab's sister Athaliah, and these two cousins were friends as well as military-political allies.
In the Books of Kings, Athaliah emerges as the most notable female character not only because she is the only queen who ruled alone, but also because she serves as a bridge between the royal families of Judah (the Davidic dynasty) and Israel (the Omride dynasty).
30) Jean Racine, Three Plays: Andromache, Phaedra, Athaliah, trans.
Mr Prescott, born in Prestatyn in 1938, will discover his great great grandmother Athaliah Parrish had four children by her father Thomas Parrish, his three times great granddad.
The veteran Labour MP - who famously had a fling with secretary Tracey Temple - has learnt that great great gran Athaliah had the kids when she lived with her widowed father Thomas.
Nothing worse than a bunch of stuffed shirts telling each other boring jokes about Athaliah the daughter of King Ahab, right?
The scene for the showdown was set by Attorney-General Athaliah Molokomme immediately after the verdict when he announced strict conditions for the government's implementation of the court order.
The graduates from the academy were Athaliah Abiola, Alisa Clarke, Ripley Dale-Gulston, Natarifya, Shardena Grant-Lapsley, Kennika Green, Jadine Ijoyah, Sara Linton, Reuben Davis-Watts, Jamaal Linton, Jamale McKenzie, Oshay Reid, Phinehas Stewart, Nathan Stewart and Rickelle Wilson.