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He begins research on the project, searching for Stelios, a Greek obsessed with Alexander, who believes his tomb is under the Greek cafe Athenaios in Alexandria.
The main data about her historical existence could be gathered from Herodotus, Strabo, Athenaios (the author of Deipnosophistai), Ovid in his Heroides, and the Suidas, the 10th century Greek lexicon.
This well-known anecdote mirrors the fact that there was some memory among the Greeks of close contacts between the Hellenistic world and India some four hundred years before the time of Athenaios or of the slightly older Hegesander.
We owe the preservation of this fragment to interest in such distinctions, since Athenaios, a third-century scholar, cited Sappho's line to illustrate it.
The Athenaios family let out the villa and various apartments nearby.
ho autos Thoukudides Athenaios the-same-Thucydides-[Athenian.
El segundo rey de la dinastia, Tolomeo II Filadelfo, constructor del Faro de Alejandria, compro la biblioteca de Aristoteles --heredada por su discipulo Teofrasto y, despues, por Neleo--, segun el escritor egipcio Athenaios.
Socrates did not just appear from nowhere--he was Athenaios after all--and his statement [at Plato, Apology 38a5-6] may be taken as indicative of at least the possibility that his expressed value was shared by other Athenian citizens.
Athenaios (594 cd) identifies the name as a courtesan name.
The "Cookbooks" section tells us that four cake recipe cookbooks "are specifically mentioned by the Greek chronicler Athenaios as having been cataloged in the Alexandrian library in the 3rd century B.
may possibly be a "stand for vessels and mixing bowls," as stated by Athenaios, who observes that those of the poor are made of wood and those of the rich of bronze or silver (Ath.
130, Athenaios and Athenaeus), and are sometimes awkwardly hybrid (179, Lykurgus, but 37, Lycurgus; Cleisthenes passim, but 112, Kleisthenes).