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18]; [2X: Atlantic coastal plain, Appalachian Mts and irregularly northward, south to c GA, ne AL]) Isoetes engelmannii (s.
Dorale also noted that although their findings disagree with some sea level estimates, such as those from Barbados and New Guinea that come from ancient coral reefs, they are in agreement with data gathered from other sites such as the Bahamas, the US Atlantic coastal plain, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and California.
The sand dollar echinoid Periarchus lyelli (Conrad) is a distinctive and well-known element of the fauna of Upper Eocene (Jackson) marls and limestones across the eastern Gulf of Mexico and lower Atlantic coastal plain.
Atlantic coastal plain wildflowers; a field guide to the wildflowers of the coastal regions of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and northeastern Florida.
of Akron) presents alternating chapters that examine cultural-historical themes and regions--the Hispanic Caribbean, the Mesa Central of Mexico, the Andes, the Central Valley of Chile, the Central American Highlands, Brazil's Atlantic Coastal Plain, the Southern Brazilian Highlands, the Pampa, and the Amazon Basin.
2005) was able to obtain calibrations for SilviScan measured air-dry density (Evans 1994, 1997), microfibril angle, and MOE (determined using x-ray densitometry and x-ray diffraction data) using a large set of samples from sites representing the Lower Atlantic Coastal Plain, Upper Atlantic Coastal Plain, and Piedmont physiographic regions in Georgia.
Southern cypress, as cypress is commonly referred to, is an important Southern timber, found primarily in swampy conditions in the Atlantic Coastal Plain, from Delaware to Florida.
The species included in the Middendorf Formation contribute to knowledge of the ancient flora of the Atlantic Coastal Plain.
The exposed primary dune areas closest to the water represent the harshest environment on the Atlantic coastal plain.
Here we map known occurrences of Atlantic Coastal Plain mastodons from before, during, and after the LGM to explore the potential effects of the thermal enclave on mastodon biogeography.
Cypress, or baldcypress as it is commonly known in the United States, grows in a range along the Atlantic Coastal Plain from Delaware to Florida and west along the Gulf of Mexico's coast to the Mexican border in Texas and north up the Mississippi Valley through southern Indiana.

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