Atmospheric Attenuation

atmospheric attenuation

[¦at·mə¦sfir·ik ə‚ten·yə′wā·shən]
A process in which the flux density of a parallel beam of energy decreases with increasing distance from the source as a result of absorption or scattering by the atmosphere.

Atmospheric Attenuation


a reduction in the intensity of electromagnetic radiation in the earth’s atmosphere as a result of the absorption and scattering of the radiation.

Solar radiation is absorbed primarily by water vapor and ozone and is scattered by molecules of air and aerosols. Scattering plays the main role in the atmospheric attenuation of solar radiation. The attenuation of long-wavelength terrestrial radiation from the earth’s surface, from the air, and from clouds also occurs in the atmosphere.

Atmospheric extinction, or the attenuation of starlight in the atmosphere, is especially important to take into account in astronomical observations. The intensity of atmospheric extinction depends both on the wavelength used for an observation and on the zenith distance of the celestial body being observed. The same celestial body appears three stellar magnitudes fainter at the horizon than at the zenith.


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Such radars are also more resistant to atmospheric attenuation, a process by which a proportion of the radar's transmitted Radio Frequency (RF) energy is absorbed by moisture in the air.
The 'trade off' regarding its performance is that X-band radars can suffer from atmospheric attenuation (see above).
Consequently the wireless industry is facing a crisis in its ability to keep up with the demand for backhaul capacity, and Janus AirDuplex provides a way to achieve higher throughput without resorting to using the millimetre-wave frequency bands above 42 GHz, offer broader bandwidths but suffer atmospheric attenuation and also often attract higher licensing fees.
The simulation can be for an ideal environment or for one with impairments, such as multi-path, pseudo-range error, loss of satellite visibility, satellite power change, ionosphere and tropospheric atmospheric attenuation, antenna effects, CW interference, or AWGN.
Take care if making observations, and follow all the solar observing protocols, even though the Sun will be low and have more atmospheric attenuation.
2006); (iv) the effect of atmospheric attenuation was neglected in the preprocessing phase.
The study showed that intensity values needed to be corrected for: (i) range; (ii) incidence angle (>20[degrees]); (iii) atmospheric transmittance; (iv) atmospheric attenuation using dark object addition and (v) transmitted power.
A pair of OptiBridge 2500 transceivers can tolerate an atmospheric attenuation of >20 dB (or <1% transmission) over 1 km and still operate at the full speed of 2.
Through the use of adaptive optical and error correction techniques GeoLink(TM) has been able to cut through the atmospheric attenuation and other disturbances that cause the laser beam to break up, spread, and wander, while amplifying the power of the beam.
The frequency range of the ICs is well suited for high-resolution radar imaging applications due to its short wavelength, relatively low atmospheric attenuation, and ability to penetrate debris.
A pair of OptiBridge(TM) 2500 transceivers can tolerate an atmospheric attenuation of 20 dB over 1 km, and still operates without a reduction in data rate.
The radiometer is required for determination of atmospheric attenuation in the Ka-band, especially for geostationary satellite In Orbit Testing (IOT).

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