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The weak interaction, however, fell off so rapidly with distance that it was confined entirely to distances the size of an atomic nucleus or less.
Atomic weight refers to the averaged mass of the atoms of a chemical element using a scale based on a standard atomic nucleus.
While not as dramatic as an entirely new element, new isotopes such as these help illuminate how matter behaves when lots of protons and neutrons get squished into a single atomic nucleus.
Their studies showed the hard core of a proton, a fundamental particle of the atomic nucleus and a building block for all matter, shrinks at high energies.
He went on to publish even greater discoveries on the existence of the atomic nucleus and the nature of the atom, including his work with James Chadwick on the discovery of the neutron in 1932.
Hoping to test the limits of how many extra neutrons will bind to an atomic nucleus, researchers were trying to create magnesium-40, a heavyweight element with 18 more neutrons than the most common isotope, magnesium-22.
He would use this idea to formulate a theory of the atomic nucleus, but he was stumped about how to go further.