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Aton (Aten)

solar deity worshiped as the one god by Amenophis IV. [Egypt. Myth.: Parrinder, 33]
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Kender, vice president of Business Development and Corporate Licensing at Merck, called the acquisition of Aton the latest example of Merck's strategy of making targeted acquisitions of biotechnology companies that complement the company's internal research capabilities.
one of the co-founders of Aton Pharma and President Emeritus of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, added, "The other co-founders and I are delighted with the Merck transaction.
Aton Capital Group of Companies is Russia's independent investment institution: established in 1991, it is among the major investment firms that make up the backbone of the Russian capital markets today.
As Steven Dashevsky, Head of Research at Aton Capital, points out "Caspian oil producers, on average, boast extremely low operating and F&D costs making them some of the lowest cost producers in the world on a full cycle basis.
Aton Capital Group is one of the largest financial companies in the Russian market, providing a full range of investment, broking, asset management, corporate finance and consulting services.
Aton has won a number of awards and professional recognition, including:
Aton TN3270 is client-side software that, once installed on the user's device, can use standard communication channels to access and update data stored in enterprise mainframe systems.
CONTACT: Constance Kobylarz, CEO of Aton International, Inc.
Emma Reeve joins Aton Pharma from Bristol-Myers Squibb, where she has served in various financial roles since 1994, most recently as Assistant Controller, Financial Analysis.