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He groped his way carefully for several yards; he was at the back of the skirting- board in the attic, where there is a little mark * in the picture.
While Tom Kitten was left alone under the floor of the attic, he wriggled about and tried to mew for help.
If we rely on holes in the building envelope to supply "fresh air" then the air frequently comes from not-so-fresh places like crawlspaces, basements, attics, and attached garages.
People in Coventry said it was too much hassle to move junk out of their attics but selling their clutter could save on energy bills.
Many new homes have attics constructed with roof trusses.
Walk into most American attics, and you're likely to be met with a vision in pink: a solid wall or floor of fiberglass insulation.
Wooden joists in many attics pose a safety threat for anyone working in the overhead space.
installation of all or some of the following energy improvement works: cavity fill insulation; attic insulation; addressing issues around natural ventilation of habitable rooms/attics etc; lagging to pipes in attic and insulation of cold water and central heating tanks in the attic .
While attics will normally feel hot, they should not be so hot that they are uncomfortable or dangerous.
natural or forced ventilation and vent arrangement), whether the building was occupied during the testing period, and whether the air handlers and ducts were located in the attics.
Plus stars including JLS, Kylie and Tom Jones have raided their attics and rooted out some great items to donate to an eBay auction for the Children's Society charity.
When attics are not fully vented, the warm air rises and becomes trapped in the space.