Attitude Control

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attitude control

[′ad·ə‚tüd kən‚trōl]
(aerospace engineering)
The regulation of the attitude of an aircraft, spacecraft, and so on.
A device or system that automatically regulates and corrects attitude, especially of a pilotless vehicle.

Attitude Control


control of the angular motion of a spacecraft on free-flight legs—that is, the process of imparting to the craft’s axes a certain position with respect to given directions. Systems that accomplish this task (attitude-control systems) operate under conditions of small disturbing moments that act on the spacecraft. This makes possible the use in such systems of a number of principles and devices that are not used in other spacecraft control systems.

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For orbital manoeuvring and attitude control, Artificial satellites use reaction control systems (rcss) made up of small rocket engines (thrusters), Propellant tanks, Valves, Etc.
Reportedly, the MEV uses a reliable, low-risk docking system that attaches to existing features on a customer's satellite and provides life-extending services by taking over the orbit maintenance and attitude control functions of the client's spacecraft.
Volume three describes different approaches to orbital dynamics, attitude dynamics, and attitude control, and the design of Earth and lunar missions.
To accurately fly by and point the spacecraft's instruments at a smorgasbord of targets, engineers used "trajectory correction maneuver," or TCM, thrusters that are identical in size and functionality to the attitude control thrusters, and are located on the back side of the spacecraft.
Satellites are built with advanced power systems, stringent attitude control and high-volume data capacity that are striking relative to the budget.
On April 15th JAXA announced the anomaly's cause was a glitch in the attitude control system, which wrongly thought the spacecraft was rotating and tried to compensate, leading to out-of-control rotation that potentially sent parts--including the solar panels--flying off the craft.
Marciano said it took them around a month to release Diwata-1's initial images because the satellite was still undergoing tests to evaluate the cameras' performance and attitude control system.
Miralon acts as a surface layer on several components of the flight system's attitude control motor struts and the main engine housing.
However, the robust attitude control method should be further developed for the AHV with attitude constraints and propulsive disturbance.
Abstract: pe main objective of pis research is to provide attitude estimation orbit estimation and attitude control algoripms suitable for application to pe next Egyptian scientific satellite.
The Orion Flight Test evaluated launch and high speed re-entry systems such as avionics, attitude control, parachutes and the heat shield.
Advancements of different key subsystems such as attitude control and electrical power have been developed and flown on many CubeSat missions [2-6].

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