Attitude Control

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attitude control

[′ad·ə‚tüd kən‚trōl]
(aerospace engineering)
The regulation of the attitude of an aircraft, spacecraft, and so on.
A device or system that automatically regulates and corrects attitude, especially of a pilotless vehicle.

Attitude Control


control of the angular motion of a spacecraft on free-flight legs—that is, the process of imparting to the craft’s axes a certain position with respect to given directions. Systems that accomplish this task (attitude-control systems) operate under conditions of small disturbing moments that act on the spacecraft. This makes possible the use in such systems of a number of principles and devices that are not used in other spacecraft control systems.

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He specializes in flight mechanics and control, and his research areas include attitude dynamics and control, re-entry flight dynamics and control, non-linear optimal control and active control of flexible flight and structures.

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