attorney general

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attorney general

1. a country's chief law officer and senior legal adviser to its government
2. (in the US) the chief law officer and legal adviser of a state government
3. (in some states of the US) a public prosecutor

Attorney General


in Britain, the USA, and several other countries, one of the highest officers of justice. In Britain the attorney general is a member of the cabinet, is the principal legal adviser to the government who conducts court cases and other legal proceedings affecting the interests of the state, and supports the prosecution in court in cases which have a particular political importance. In the USA the attorney general is the head (minister) of the Department of Justice and the principal legal adviser to the federal government. Some states also have the office of attorney general.

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However, before making a reward payment for any matter over which there is federal criminal jurisdiction, the secretary of state must secure the approval of the attorney general.
Based on statements made in the course of these negotiations, it is likely that, if the negotiations are unsuccessful, additional litigation and legal proceedings will be instituted against Sempra Energy and its subsidiaries by the California Attorney General, regulatory agencies and other parties,'' the filing said.
As a result, the PA Office of Attorney General expects to reduce its current printing costs by more than 21% by 2009 and could see a ROI as quickly as thirteen months after installation.
CONTACT: Sally Gustafson, Senior Assistant Attorney General, Consumer Protection, 206-464-6733, or Anthony Carter, Investigator, 206-593-2727, or Grace Eubanks, Public Affairs, 206-753-6207, all of the Attorney General's Office/
Attorney General Lockyer filed suit against the three tuna canners in 2004, claiming that all tuna products sold in California should carry a Proposition 65 warning because of trace amounts of naturally occurring mercury.
Second, personnel from the California State Attorney General's office are currently reviewing all of our information and the Attorney General has agreed to consider the filing of cases deemed most appropriate for handling by his office.
We're looking to Attorney General Bill Lockyer as our last, best hope,'' Allred said as she delivered a letter for Lockyer to a representative from his office, Celida Melgoza.
Only those members with a direct financial interest in the project - not the entire committee - must abstain from voting under state conflict of interest codes, the attorney general ruled.
This is one of several instances where a mortgage broker has taken deposits, then closed doors without obtaining loans or refunding the deposits," said Assistant Attorney General Dave Horn.
One of these political characters is Oklahoma Attorney General W.
I'm glad to see that the attorney general did take it because that takes the onus off the district attorney.
31 /PRNewswire/ -- The Attorney General of Washington announced today that refunds will be sent this week to consumers who purchased discount hotel certificates, but who were unable to use the coupons as they had been represented by a Bothell firm which marketed them.

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