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Signal for Potyvirus-depend aphid transmission of Potato aucuba mosaic virus and the effect of its transfer to potato virus X.
LANDSCAPE NOTES: Aucuba is an outstanding, coarse-textured plant for shady areas of the garden.
Transgenic tobacco plants expressing a truncated form of the PAMV capsid protein (CP) gene show CP-mediated resistance to potato aucuba mosaic virus.
Take hardwood cuttings of shrubs including privet, holly, aucuba, berberis, potentilla and rosemary.
When planting new borders, choose varieties such as aucuba, hosta and astilbe that thrive in heavy clay soils, which are not all bad as they're packed with plant foods.
D AUCUBA JAPONICA VARIEGATA A bushy, rounded evergreen that will brighten any corner - even in shade.
An evergreen shrub with variegated foliage such as aucuba japonica variegata or ilex crenata - aka golden gem - is an ideal centrepiece because you are relying on the leaves, not the flowers.
Other outdoor winter favourites of mine include Aucuba japonica `Variegata'.
Good candidates are aucuba, barberry, forsythia, holly, honeysuckle, hydrangea, rose, rose of Sharon, spiraea, and weigela.
Other evergreen shrubs include elaeagnus varieties, aucuba, pittosporum and viburnum varieties.
Propagate shrubs including aucuba, berberis, escallonia, lavender and pieris using semi-ripe cuttings.
Other dioecious -those which have sexes on different plants and therefore require a male to pollinate the fruit-bearing female -include Hippophae rhamnoides, Aucuba japonica and Vibrunum davidii, while trees and shrubs that bear ornamental fruit without needing two plants include Arbutus unedo,crataegus,malus, sorbus, pyracantha,cotoneaster,euonymus and berberis.