A/V receiver

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A/V receiver

(Audio/Video receiver) A combination audio amplifier and audio/video switching device for a home theater. An A/V receiver contains inputs for all the user's audio and video sources such as a cable TV box, Blu-ray or CD player and digital media hub (Apple TV, Roku, etc.). The receiver's video output goes to the TV via HDMI, and its several audio outputs connect to speakers and a subwoofer using stranded wires. See HDMI and speaker wires.

Surround Sound Processors
A/V receivers support several movie soundtrack formats such as Dolby Digital, Atmos and DTS. They also have built-in audio effects to enhance music and movies.

Receivers Have Amplifiers
Although an A/V receiver has its own amplifiersfor powering the speakers, it generally provides optional outputs to external audio amplifiers if more speaker power is required. In such a case, the receiver functions as a preamplifier (see preamp). See home theater, stereo receiver, digital media hub and digital media server.

Home Theater Components
The A/V receiver (red arrow) switches between all the audio and video sources in this home theater. It also powers the speakers in the living room and provides outputs to an amplifier for another room. Many A/V receivers can power two or three zones without the need of a separate amplifier.
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The D+M Group is the largest supplier of audio/video receivers worldwide and a specialist in wireless multi-room audio.
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The Yamaha AVENTAGE audio/video receiver brings studio-grade sound and sophisticated video enhancements to home entertainment along with attention to detail in design, engineering and fabrication.
The Yamaha AVENTAGE audio/video receiver is a dramatic, inspired leap forward in audio/video component design.
In the fall, the company introduced a host of products, including five AVR Series advanced-technology audio/video receivers, two DVD players with "groundbreaking" digital video processing, two HKTS Series compact home theater loudspeaker systems, two audiophile-quality stereo receivers and a CD changer.
Analog Devices has announced the third generation of its Sharc[R] Processors for audio applications, featuring audio-specific on-chip peripherals that enable the design of feature-rich audio/video receivers (AVRs), DVD player, home theater equipment and incar entertainment systems.
I have been requesting audio/video receivers since I noticed the newest models touted at the CES.
The new Si477x AM/FM receivers provide industry-leading RF performance and exceptional configurability while reducing system cost and complexity for consumer audio/video receivers (AVRs), FM receiver monitors and pro-audio receivers.
The Simplay HD(TM) Testing Program administered by Silicon Image's wholly-owned subsidiary, Simplay Labs, LLC, provides compatibility testing for high-definition consumer electronics devices such as HDTVs, set-top boxes, audio/video receivers and DVD players, helping manufacturers to achieve compatibility and deliver the highest-quality HDTV experience to consumers.
As D&M expands the reach of Boston Acoustics, Denon, and Marantz to encompass a wide variety of exciting new lifestyle-oriented offerings including headphones and other innovative dock speaker solutions, all three brands will also continue to serve consumers and custom integrators with the high-performance core products - including audio/video receivers and loudspeakers - that have defined them through the years.
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