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Contract notice: Buy audio coding software ip transmission system of rtv slovenia.
He (SRS Labs) proposes a psychoacoustic model for digital perceptual audio coding and digital audio watermarking.
CSR aptX audio coding technology delivers CD-quality stereo audio wirelessly over Bluetooth connections for a range of consumer electronics applications.
Written for audio processing and coding engineers, this comprehensive guide reviews all of the latest technologies concerning spatial audio coding, including research on psychoacoustics, manipulation of spatial audio channels and the synthesis of audio channels.
The product line-up consists of the uPD9993 chip, which offers 64 polyphonic tones and is the first LSI device to support MP3 and advanced audio coding (AAC) playback; the uPD9996 chip for low-end monaural (single-speaker) mobile phones, which is pin-compatible with the NEC Electronics uPD9990/ 1/2 series of melody solutions; and the uPD9995 chip, a smallest-in-class monaural chip first introduced in September 2003.
CSR aptX audio coding technology replaces the standard audio codec Bluetooth employs for streaming stereo audio wirelessly from audio devices to headphones and speakers, delivering improved, high-fidelity sound comparable to the CD quality consumers have come to expect from their home entertainment systems.
CSR plc, today unveiled CSR aptX Low Latency, a new audio coding technology that slashes to one-third the delay, or latency, of stereo audio signals over BluetoothA connectivity, effectively enabling consumers to watch video while listening to wireless audio in a synchronised fashion.
As the inventor of mp3 and co-inventor of the MPEG AAC audio coding standard, Fraunhofer IIS has reached worldwide recognition.
He, a highly respected research engineer who has worked for the likes of Panasonic and BrainMedia, delivers this thorough discussion of watermarking technologies and their relationship to copyright protection, digital signal processing, perceptual audio coding and compression and psychoacoustic modeling.
In addition, Apple has also added support for the Advanced Audio Coding audio format, support for the CELP speech codec, Flash 5 support, DVD Pro support, an updated user interface and skip protection enhancements.
Fraunhofer is well known in the industry for its expertise in the development of audio coding technologies and the outstanding quality of its implementations," said Harald Popp, head of Multimedia Realtime Systems, Fraunhofer IIS.
As a technology leader at AT&T Research Labs, Johnston invented a number of basic techniques used in perceptual audio coding, especially in MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 (MP3), MPEG-2 Part 7 and MPEG-4 Part 3 Advanced Audio Coding (AAC).