digital audio

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digital audio

(multimedia, file format)
A sequence of discrete samples taken from a continuous sound (audio) waveform. Tens of thousands of samples are taken each second. Each sample represents the intensity of the sound pressure wave at that instant. Apart from the sampling frequency, the other parameter is the digital encoding of each sample including the number of bits used. The encoding may be linear, logarithmic or mu-law.

Digital audio is typically created by taking 16-bit samples over a spectrum of 44.1 thousand cycles per second (kHz), this means that CD quality sound requires 1.4 million bits of data per second. Digital telephone systems use lower sample rates.

Filename extension: .au (Unix), .snd (MS-DOS, MS Windows).

See also Audio IFF, MP3, wav.

Usenet newsgroups: alt.binaries.sounds.*.

A FAQ on audio file formats is available. Part 1, Part 2.

digital audio

(1) Sound waves that have been sampled, digitized and stored in the computer. Common formats are music CDs, MP3, WAV and AIFF, and software-based players play the largest variety of audio formats (see media player).

Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)
Although digital, the MIDI format differs from all other digital audio formats. MIDI files contain a coded version of the musical score, not the actual sound (see MIDI). Contrast with analog audio. See CD-DA, MP3, codec examples and S/PDIF.

(2) Broadcast radio in digital format. See HD Radio, DAB and satellite radio.

(3) See digital CD audio.
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The current paper introduced a novel method for encrypting/decrypting of audio signal based on embedding the audio samples within the quaternion frequency domain of a digital image.
The same results were obtained after processing audio samples from the methane-air reactive flow for rich combustion conditions.
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Before this technology existed I was just DJing, which I still do, but even then when I was making mixes for CDs I would always include audio samples from films and this meant I could include the video, too.
A CD is included, which contains 32 speaking and singing audio samples (nearly 45 minutes of material) comprising, in part, exercises designed for improving the speaking voice, developing legato (in speaking and singing), vowel definition, range extension, efficient onsets and flexibility.
The workbook-style text features perforated pages, and contains 24 case studies for 11 disorders across the lifespan, plus pre- and post-therapy audio samples on the companion CD-ROM.
When he launched the Sly Fi Network, his new Website, the former Eurythmics star asked fans to post lyrics onto a bulletin board or send audio samples over the Net.
Comprising collages, assemblages, text pieces, photos, audio samples, and videos.