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A leading music recommendation and Internet radio service from Ltd. ( Advertiser supported, lets users create their own radio stations by selecting a favorite artist and voting their likes and dislikes. The more users vote their preference, the more fine tunes subsequent recommendations for that station. is also available for the iPhone.

Scrobbling (Collaborative Filtering) uses collaborative filtering to make song recommendations based on the preferences of millions of users in its "Audioscrobbler" database ("those-who-like-this-also-like-that"). In order to fine tune the user's profile and add to the database, encourages users to upload their music titles whenever they listen to songs on their computers or iPods. Called "scrobbling," there is a raft of plug-ins and software that enable users to scrobble the music they play, even including the songs played from Pandora radio stations. See Spotify, Pandora, music recommendation service and music search.
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17) Sistema ancorado no programa Audioscrobbler, que le todos os arquivos do computador do usuario e traca, por meio de algoritmos, uma especie de perfil, formando sequencias de musicas e outros arquivos sonoros em fluxo continuo.
Once its Audioscrobbler technology sees that you like bands such as Girl Talk and SwitchFocus, it will recommend that you give DJ Danger Mouse a try, for example.
Richard Jones, 25, was still at university, studying computer science, when he created his Audioscrobbler software.