Leopold Auenbrugger

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Auenbrugger, Leopold

(lā`ōpôlt ou`ənbro͝ogər), 1722–1809, Viennese physician. His findings on the use of percussion in diagnosing chest diseases were published in 1761 (tr. On Percussion of the Chest, 1936). Although ignored for some 40 years, his method, revived by Jean Nicolas Corvisart, was ultimately generally adopted.
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Leopold Auenbrugger was ridiculed for percussing and auscultating his patients' chests; lgnaz Semmelweiss's recommendation for doctors to wash their hands before each patient landed him in a mental asylum; and more recently, cardiologists denied Nathan Pritikin's program for dietary modification to modulate cardiovascular risk until after his death.
During this period, Auenbrugger (1722-1809) developed a method of auscultation (thumping the chest and noting the resulting sound) by working on cadavers and then on patients (2).