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in ancient Rome, one of the oldest priestly bodies, which interpreted the will of the gods by means of auspices.

According to ancient Roman tradition, the augurs were established by Romulus. In 300 B.C. they consisted of nine men, five of whom were plebeians, and during Julius Caesar’s time the number of augurs rose to 16. Membership in the augurs was highly valued by Roman aristocrats because it provided opportunities to influence legislation. With the passage of time the augurs’ activity became a merely formal procedure, to the point that, according to Cicero, the augurs themselves could hardly keep from laughing while carrying out the procedure, since they themselves did not believe in it.


Roman officials who interpreted omens. [Rom. Hist.: Parrinder, 34]
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The emphasis on the history of thought also seemed to me very timely; and the number of important works promised for the Library in the very near future augur well for the continued fulfilment, in this and other ways, of the expectations of the original editor.
Both were highstrung, both were quick and irritable, and their continual clashes did not augur well for their future.
This gentleman, happening also to be the Plaintiff in the Tip case, referred Mr Plornish to his solicitor, and declined to treat with Mr Plornish, or even to endure his presence in the yard, unless he appeared there with a twenty-pound note: in which case only, the gentleman would augur from appearances that he meant business, and might be induced to talk to him.
Positive Outlook for SMBs Augurs Well for MSBG Market II-7
Naek expressed satisfaction over successful completion of the 1st Parliamentary Year of the Upper House and said it augurs well for future of democracy in the country.
We were sloppy on occasions but our players stuck at it superbly in the second-half, which augurs well moving forward.
All of which, of course, augurs well for sales success - but not critical acclaim - for the 22 year-old south coast troubadour.
The State of Ohio Department of Taxation is deemed an essential use, which augurs well for long term stabilized occupancy and cash flow for the property," said Wilcox.
So the fact that he was able to finish a close ninth - despite having no room on the stands rail at a crucial stage - augurs well for the future.
Considering this was her six-bend debut it augurs well for the future of this vastly improved young bitch.
A delighted Jonathan Nash, Saab GB managing director, said: 'These figures are ahead of even our own bullish forecasts, which augurs extremely well for the on-going future growth of our popular brand.
He jumped well, travelled well and, having stayed 12 furlongs on the level, he ought to get twoand-a-half miles or more at the jumping game, so it augurs well that he also had the speed to win over the minimum trip here.