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monetary authorities intervened in the foreign exchange markets on three occasions during the quarter--July 7, August 2, and August 15--purchasing a total of $1.
On August 2 the Ministry of Finance announced a series of deregulatory measures aimed at encouraging Japanese investment abroad, including changes that would allow Japanese financial institutions to participate fully in longer-maturity, non-yen-denominated loan facilities.
On August 2 the Desk again entered the New York market after the dollar had risen to 90.
patent: 5,334,695 Issued: August 2, 1994 Inventors: Arnaldo Roggero, Ugo Pedretti, Francesco P.
Against the yen, the dollar followed a similar pattern, easing from a high of M138 on August 2 to almost 4135 about a week later before retracing some of its decline.
Nasdaq:VRST), the leading supplier of verification process automation (VPA) solutions, today announced that Charlie Alvarez, Chief Financial Officer, will be presenting at the RBC Capital Technology Conference on August 2 and the Adams, Harkness & Hill Summer Seminar on August 4.