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(ôm), [Skt.,=yes, so be it] for Hindus and Buddhists, a mystic word or mantramantra
, in Hinduism and Buddhism, mystic words used in ritual and meditation. A mantra is believed to be the sound form of reality, having the power to bring into being the reality it represents. There are several types of mantras.
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. Om is regarded as the syllable of the supreme Reality and is sometimes called "the mother of mantras." It is often found at the beginning of prayers, mantras, and scriptures as a word of invocation and adoration. In Hinduism its three Sanskrit phonemes (transliterated a, u, and m) symbolize the triad of BrahmaBrahma
, a god often identified, with Vishnu and Shiva, as one of the three supreme gods in Hinduism. In the late Vedic period he was called Prajapati, the primeval man whose sacrifice permitted the original act of creation. His popularity has declined since the Gupta era (A.D.
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 the creator, VishnuVishnu
, one of the greatest gods of Hinduism, also called Narayana. First mentioned in the Veda as a minor deity, his theistic cults, known as Vaishnavism, or Vishnuism, grew steadily from the first millennium B.C., absorbing numerous different traditions and minor deities.
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 the preserver, and ShivaShiva
or Siva
, one of the greatest gods of Hinduism, also called Mahadeva. The "horned god" and phallic worship of the Indus valley civilization may have been a prototype of Shiva worship or Shaivism.
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 the destroyer, or the three levels of consciousness: waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. In Buddhism it is often understood as symbolizing the true "empty" character of reality, as that truth has been communicated by various historical Buddhas, celestial Buddhas, and, directly, by the true character of reality itself (see sunyatasunyata
[Skt.,=emptiness], one of the main tenets of Mahayana Buddhism, first presented by the Perfection of Wisdom (Prajna-paramita) scriptures (1st cent. B.C. on) and later systematized by the Madhyamika school.
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a river in Novosibirsk and Omsk oblasts, RSFSR, a right tributary of the Irtysh River (Ob’ River basin). The Om’ is 1,091 km long and drains an area of 52,600 sq km. Rising on the southeastern edge of the Vasiuganskaia Plain, the river flows, for the most part, across the Barabinskaia Lowland. It is meandering in its middle course. The Om’ is fed primarily by snow. High water occurs in May and July. The mean flow rate 121 km from the mouth is about 64 cu m per sec; maximum flow rate is 814 cu m per sec, and minimum flow rate is 0.80 cu m per sec. The river freezes in the second half of October or the first half of November and thaws in April or early May. The main right tributaries are the Icha, Kama, and Tartas. Timber is floated on the lower 100 km. During high water the river is navigable from the city of Kuibyshev. The city of Kalachinsk is also situated on the Om’, as is Omsk (at the mouth).


The country code for Oman.
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Toyoda was also found guilty of conspiring with other AUM members to send a parcel bomb to then Tokyo Gov.
Lawyer Abe, who served as AUM's bankruptcy administrator, told a news conference that the amount of payment by the Joyu group is small but that he regards the Joyu group's agreement as indicating its remorse to the victims and its departure from the AUM cult.
AUM Shinrikyo staged two rounds of sarin nerve gas attacks -- against the Tokyo subway system and in a residential area in the city of Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture, in 1994.
Because of the complaints, officials requested permission to inspect the building's interior, but Aum Shinrikyo members refused.
Eight years after Japan tried to use a sledgehammer to pound the Aum nail, Mori's films may convince the country to examine the subsequent damage.
The ruling found that Niimi conspired with AUM founder Shoko Asahara, 47, in the cases.
NTT Communications is one of four NTT group companies which are believed to have placed a total of 10 orders for computer software from firms linked to AUM, many of whose members have been convicted in a series of crimes including the deadly Tokyo subway gassing.
With the closing of the Stone Tower acquisition, which was announced in December 2011, Apollo's capital markets AUM substantially increases to approximately $50 billion2, making capital markets Apollo's largest business segment on an AUM basis.
Officials from the Justice Ministry's Public Security Intelligence Agency on Thursday began inspecting 21 facilities of Aleph, the religious group formerly known as AUM Shinrikyo whose founder and senior members were convicted of staging the 1995 sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway system.
The Nagoya District Court ordered the Nagoya city government Monday to pay 30,000 yen each to seven members of the AUM Shinrikyo religious group over the rejection by the city's Naka Ward office of their applications to file residential status.
Police on Friday searched seven AUM Shinrikyo facilities in Tokyo and Saitama Prefecture, while the cult closed three computer shops run by affiliated companies.
On March 20, 1995, members of the Aum Shinrikyo cult entered the Tokyo subway system and released sarin, a deadly nerve agent.