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Aurelius is likely to supply its extremely dedicated operational improvement capabilities to the company s current operations, with a core focus on the long-term strategic development of the business.
About AURELIUS AURELIUS has been successfully operating in the international market for company acquisitions for many years.
Mr Aurelius even blasts the couple for choosing his cheaper "bronze deal" rather than a pricier package.
During the recording, Aurelius can be heard saying to his assistant "I don't think I blame Hitler" [for the Holocaust] and how Jewish people think "they're better than everybody else because they're from Israel".
The prose is rendered in modern American English--clearly delivered and designed to present Marcus Aurelius to a contemporary audience.
Marcus Aurelius (121-180) was the last and most famous (Hill, 2004) proponent of a philosophy known as Stoicism.
9 deadline to vote on the deal, Aurelius Capital will not receive the incentive fees paid to creditors that signed up in time.
Marcus Aurelius maintained that the art of living is more like wrestling than dancing.
The sale will result in Sit-up's 450 staff, who are based in London, transferring directly to Aurelius.
Sit-up's 450 staff, who are based in London, will transfer to Munich-based Aurelius.
AG has entered into agreements with Alcatel-Lucent and Aurelius AG
TV executives want the Real Madrid star, 31, and the former Posh Spice, 32, - in Rome yesterday for the christening of supermodel Elle Macpherson's three-year-old son Aurelius - to play themselves in the show.