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(pseudonym of Mikelis Jekobovich Krogzemis). Born Feb. 6 (18), 1850, in Aloja, Valmiera Raion, Latvia; died Jan. 25 (Feb. 6), 1879, in St. Petersburg. Latvian poet.

Auseklis was born into a peasant family and became an elementary school teacher. He wrote poems of protest against the German barons and clergy. The collection Poems (1873) was published during his lifetime. His keen satires were published in the Dundury anthologies (editions of 1875–78, in St. Petersburg). Auseklis showed particular interest in the history, mythology, and customs of the Latvian people and in the landscape of his native country. The idealization of the past and of patriarchal society found in his work served as a protest against the oppressors.


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Eine Version ist Bestandteil der zusammen mit dem Dichter Auseklis (1850-1879) geschaffenen Liedersammlung "Dziesmu vttols", deren Druckerlaubnis die russischen Behorden verweigerten.
Another concept similar to Green IT and Green Software is Sustainable IT, which is characterized by the application of IT practices and technologies for the benefit of customers and others stakeholders that ensure long-term well-being in economic, social, and environmental sustainability pillars (Harmon, Demirkan, Auseklis, & Reinoso, 2010).
While it is difficult for IT to separate social aspects from the economic (Faucheux & Nicolai, 2011) the fact that the subcategories training and education present adherence, even if moderate, comes into line with Harmon and Auseklis (2009).
Regarding product labelling, its adherence indicates the importance of minimum environmental impacts for IT services and products (Harmon & Auseklis, 2009).
Assim, os centros de dados, com seu alto custo no uso de energia e pelo seu crescente impacto negativo no meio ambiente, sao forcas que sensibilizam para a TI Verde (HARMON & AUSEKLIS, 2009).
Ausina and husband Auseklis adopted Marianne as a baby and moved from Birmingham to Lewis 12 years ago.
Ausina and husband Auseklis, 74, took Marianne to remote Lewis 12 years ago to escape the rat race of Birmingham.