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a breed of chicken raised for its meat and eggs, bred in Australia from Orpington stock in order to increase egg productivity and early maturity. Australorps are large fowl with wide, deep breasts and large, wide backs. The liveweight is 3.5–3.9 kg for roosters and 2.5–2.9 kg for hens. The annual yield is 150–180 eggs, and record yields of 250–300 eggs have been reported. The egg weighs 55–62 g and has a brown shell.

Australorps are bred primarily in Australia and the USA. The main breeding research in the USSR is being carried out at the Kurtna experimental station for chicken breeding at the Estonian National Experimental Institute for Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science.


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Clockwise from bottom left: stickmaker champion Raymond Jones of Penmaenmawr and reserve champion Len Porter of Penisarwaun' Robert Thomas of Llanrug with his supreme poultry champion Australorp pullet' Wil Owen of Braich y Saint with the supreme cattle champion, an 18-month-old Charolais' Alun Wyn Davies of Morfa Nefyn with the supreme sheep champion (see Farm and Country competition report, below)
The breed was exported to Australia where it was liked for its utility qualities and in the 1920s it made the return journey to Britain, where it was renamed the Australorp and became popular for the table.
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Many of those older breeds, at one time common in farmyards everywhere, will be on view at the Poultry Club of Great Britain show -- birds such as the Rhode Island Red, the Sussex and the Australorp, dating back to 1886 and originating in Kent as the Black Orpington.
BARNEVELDER, Brahma, Cochin, Welsummer and Australorp are just some of the exotic-sounding, and equally exotic-looking birds that will be competing for the top prizes at the Poultry Show at this year's Royal Welsh Agricultural Winter Fair.
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Older varieties with familiar names such as the Rhode Island Red, Orpington and Sussex can be seen in the poultry section alongside the more exotic-sounding Ancona, Australorp and Maran breeds.
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The Australorp, another popular breed on the show circuit, is the original Orpington breed, further developed in Australia and subsequently renamed to include both the Aussie and Kent town from where its original name was derived.