Austrian People's Party

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Austrian People’s Party


(ÖVP, Österreichische Volkspartei). Expresses the interests of large industrialists and landowners and is closely connected with the Catholic Church. Founded in April 1945 on the basis of the former Christian Social Party, it has more than 700,000 members (1969).

The ÖVP includes three organizations: the Economic Federation, made up mainly of entrepreneurs, the Federation of Workers and Employees, and the Federation of Farmers. The party defends the freedom of private property and the strengthening of the position of capital in the country. For over 20 years, the ÖVP formed a coalition government with the Austrian Socialist Party. After receiving a majority of seats (85 out of 165) in the parliamentary elections of March 1966, the ÖVP formed a single-party government in April 1966. Its press organs are the newspaper Volksblatte and the magazine Österreichische Monatschäfte.

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Or consider how, at the end of the year, 31-year-old Sebastian Kurz became Chancellor of Austria after refashioning the conservative Austrian People's Party (UVP) into a movement called "The Sebastian Kurz list - The New People's Party.
In the October 15 Austrian elections, the 31-year old head of the conservative Austrian People's Party took his formerly languishing party to victory and secured the chancellorship for himself.
After his triumph in Austria's latest election, a coalition government comprising his conservative Austrian People's Party (VP) and the far-right FP is the most likely outcome.
THE youngest European head of government is now Sebastian Kurz, 31, (pictured) the leader of the Austrian People's Party.
com/who-susanne-thier-sebastian-kurzs-partner-potential-wife-2602041) Sebastian Kurz was called "Hitler" by some Twitter users after his party, Austrian People's Party (OVP), won the national election Sunday.
Kurz has rejuvenated his Austrian People's Party (OVP) and barnstormed across the nation of 8.
According to polls, Foreign Minister, Sebastian Kurz's Austrian People's Party is in the lead with 33 percent, followed by the Social Democratic Party of Austria with 25 percent.
VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski met with Werner Amon, Secretary General of the Austrian People's Party, and Monika Reiner, Director for European and Foreign Affairs of the Austrian People's Party, in Vienna Thursday.
Abstract We estimate popularity functions for the Austrian parties Austrian People's Party (OVP), Social Democrats (SPO) and Austrian Freedom party (FPO) between 1987 and 2010 (using annual data) as well as vote functions for the same Austrian parties in the 86 election districts in the national elections in 1999.
The triumvirate is made up of Hofer, National Council president Doris Bures of the Social Democrats (SPEu), and Karlheinz Kopf of Austrian People's Party (EuVP).
It remains our view that the cabinet reshuffle and change in leadership of the Austrian People's Party (EuVP) will not significantly alter the functioning of the 'grand coalition'.
He is a member of the Austrian People's Party (AVP).
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