Austrian literature

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Austrian literature:

see German literatureGerman literature,
works in the German language by German, Austrian, Austro-Hungarian, and Swiss authors, as well as by writers of German in other countries. Old and Middle High German: From Early to Medieval Literature

Heroic legends, among them the
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The Long Shadow of the Past: Contemporary Austrian Literature, Film, and Culture.
By contrast, Holcombe's book is geared toward those who aren't yet sure whether to invest the time to read the Austrian literature.
By maintaining posts of two assistant professors for Austrian literature and culture in Skopje and Tetovo we strive to assure that both of the great ethnic groups can profit from this cooperation.
Also, the Austrian literature has begun to be cited in notable non-Austrian works.
Unfortunately, that has led to a relative neglect of deflation in the Austrian literature.
For this reason, quite a lot of Austrian crime novels, especially those written by women, are not typical examples of the genre--which makes it hard to market them correctly, since Austrian literature in general is full of corpses and violence.
For us it's an instrument to get important Austrian literature translated," Rauchbauer said.
Her research interests include literary and textual theory, gender, performativity, migration studies, and contemporary Austrian literature.
For many Americans, the New York stage adaptation of this early novel was their first introduction to the works of one of Austria's most influential writers of the late twentieth-century, rivaled only by Nobel Prize winner Elfriede Jelinek and the erstwhile enfant terrible of Austrian literature, Peter Handke.
Thanks to Ariadne Press which specializes in Austrian literature and culture anglophones can smile with Torberg through the melancholy of the just-passed century.

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