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(computer science)
The process of using a computer to convert automatically a symbolic code into a machine code. Also known as automatic code.


1. The assembly language accepted by AUTOCODER.

2. A generic term for symbolic assembly language. Versions of Autocode were developed for Ferranti Atlas, Titan, Mercury and Pegasus and IBM 702 and IBM 705.
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Incorporating such a high level of functionality in to this instrument cluster without Statemate's behavior modeling capabilities and the 100% autocode capabilities of MicroC Code Generator would have been significantly more challenging.
The final avionics flight software was 98% generated with AutoCode and linked to assembly-level driver code.
NetForce will offer AutoCode CS as an integrated component of EventNet and will be a preferred AutoCode CS implementation partner when integration with other clinical and safety data management systems is desired.
TRW and Oracle plan to initially collaborate on maximizing the benefits of using the Oracle(R) Thesaurus Management System (TMS) with TRW's automated encoding system, Autocode CS(TM).
AutoCode CS is now fully integrated into the FDA's Adverse Events Reporting System (AERS), a critical component of the agency's strategic information technology initiatives.
Using simple point and click controls, developers can deploy RUMBA AutoCode to automatically generate host navigation code to access legacy data, build Windows graphical interfaces and immediately integrate the generated code into a variety of development environments.
TRW's AutoCode CS delivers far-reaching benefits throughout the medical product lifecycle especially in the face of a dynamic regulatory environment," commented John Cook, Director of TRW Healthcare Solutions.
HTML Support Framework to read and generate HTML files in Smalltalk and autocode classes of HTMLObject from an HTML language specification file.
s (ISI) AutoCode software, and run it within ADI's simulation environment for enhanced hardware-in-the-loop simulation performance.
In exchange, Lumonics agreed to continue supplying Autocode II processor- controlled disc units for a longer period, through the end of 1994.
The product family features SystemBuild for graphical modeling and simulation, Xmath for object-oriented mathematical analysis and visualization, AutoCode for automatic C and Ada source code generation, DocumentIt for automatic document generation, and the RealSim AC-104 rapid prototyping computer.
Lumonics also agreed to continue to supply Autocode II processor-controlled disc units to Lasertechnics on a non-exclusive OEM basis until the end of 1994.