Automatic Train Stop

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Automatic Train Stop


equipment for automatically stopping a railroad train in case the locomotive engineer does not react to the signal which indicates a stop or a reduction in speed.

The automatic train stop system includes track elements (such as transmitters, relays, and inductors) which are connected to the signaling equipment and which are automatically switched on so they can act on the locomotive’s braking system if the signal indicates a stop or a reduction in speed. Subways in the USSR use a mechanically acting type of automatic train stop. If the engineer receives the light signal in time, he can switch off the track element of the automatic train stop before it has a chance to activate the brakes. He can then control the braking manually. Switching off the automatic train stop is done by a manually controlled mechanism known as the rukoiatka bditel’ nosti (alert lever). Use of the automatic train stop eliminates the possibility of accidents caused by locomotive engineers’ lack of attention to signal lights.


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One of the three safety systems, an automatic train stop, alerts train drivers and activates brakes whenever trains exceed the speed limit or fail to stop in response to a signal.
The Harmon Ultra-Cab system will detect coded cab signals from the rails and support both automatic train stop (ATS) and automatic train control (ATC) functions, such as speed and braking control of the trains.
Invensys Rail will also install automatic train stop equipment, WESTRACE electronic interlockings, FS3000 jointless track circuits, level crossing safety systems, GSM-R voice and data communications, and a Central Traffic Control Centre in Balikesir.
The police will investigate how Yamazaki, 65, worked to ensure operational security when the derailment claimed 107 lives, as they believe the accident could have been avoided if an advanced type of automatic train stop system had been installed, the sources said.
Where any train is operated at 60 mph or faster, a roadway block signal system and an automatic cab signal system with automatic train stop or automatic train control system shall be installed, also known as PTS.
The line has no automatic train stop system, the metropolitan government's Bureau of Transportation said.
It will also upgrade safety devices such as the automatic train stop system that keeps trains from exceeding the speed limit.
But due to a mechanical design glitch in these train cars, signals are not relayed to the automatic train stop devices when the electricity supply to the normal brakes is switched off.

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