autonomous system

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Autonomous System

(networking, routing)
(AS) A collection of routers under a single administrative authority, using a common Interior Gateway Protocol for routing packets.

autonomous system

A network that is administered by a single set of management rules that are controlled by one person, group or organization. Autonomous systems often use only one routing protocol, although multiple protocols can be used. The core of the Internet is made up of many autonomous systems. See ASN, BGP, routing protocol and path vector protocol. See also self-driving car.
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As stated in the recently published Defense Science Board Summer Study on Autonomy, the design cycle of an autonomous system is envisioned as a continuous process that "begins with experimentation and development of doctrine and CONOPs, followed by specification of operational requirements, and proceeds to system design, development, testing, training, operations, and maintenance.
Autonomous systems will reliably perform highly survivable, self-organizing, adaptive mission capabilities that cannot be easily defeated either by killing individual platforms and sensors or providing capabilities to do things that would be otherwise unaffordable or result in impractical manning.
The same will be true of interconnected intelligent autonomous systems.
Those who are designing autonomous systems have to produce something that inspires confidence.
Ironically, the main motivation behind the push toward autonomous systems is manning, said Air Force Chief Scientist Dr.
To develop an autonomous system that drives by itself - they don't exist yet.
The fundamental unit of Internet routing is not the router but the Autonomous System (AS), a group of routers controlled by the same routing authority--this may be a backbone, an ISP, or a business.
The company's autonomous system is to compete with Tesla's Auto Pilot.
It is generally accepted that a fully autonomous system would have the ability to:
Over extended operation, equipment will degrade, human preferences and needs will change, environmental context will drift, novel influences and obstacles will appear for which an autonomous system has not been explicitly prepared, and high-level goals and missions may shift.
powered, autonomous system will gain an audit-able trail of interactions and decisions made, accomplished by hashing information about each agent task to the blockchain so it cannot be changed.

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