Auxiliary Materials

Auxiliary Materials


material elements of production.

Auxiliary materials make up a relatively small part of the subjects of labor; they are used, as a rule, for production-maintenance needs and are not a part of production output. About 4.5-4.6 percent of the overall cost of production for industry as a whole is expended on auxiliary materials; in light industry the figure is 2.9 percent, rising in the machine-building industry and in metal working to 4.2 percent and in the coal industry to 11.0 percent.

According to their intended functions, auxiliary materials can be divided into the following eight groups: (1) materials that do not constitute the main substance of output and are added to the basic materials to impart specified properties to the finished product (for example, varnish and paint); (2) materials that are needed to directly affect basic materials; (3) materials used to service equipment and premises (for example, lubricating or cleaning materials); (4) materials for equipment repair and building maintenance; (5) materials used for the needs of the workers (for example, overalls); (6) materials related to transport within the plant; (7) materials used in supply and marketing (for example, packing materials); and (8) administrative materials (for example, office supplies). Some of the auxiliary materials, except those in (1), may be used repeatedly (for example, oil can be reclaimed, overalls repaired).

The timely provision of auxiliary materials to enterprises is of great importance for the production process. A strict rationing, planning, and control of use is necessary, as is establishment within the enterprises of a clearcut order of supply to all enterprise subdivisions.


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