Avalon Peninsula

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Avalon Peninsula,

3,579 sq mi (9,270 sq km), SE N.L., Canada, on Newfoundland. It is nearly divided at its center by Conception Bay and St. Mary's Bay. The peninsula is the most densely populated part of Newfoundland; St. John'sSaint John's,
city (2001 pop. 99,182), provincial capital, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, on the northeast coast of the Avalon Peninsula, SE Newfoundland island. Built on hills overlooking a fine harbor, it is the commercial and industrial center of the province and the base
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 is the chief city. A lighthouse and radio direction-finding station are at Cape Race, which is the easternmost point in North America.
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A tropical storm watch was in place for the Avalon Peninsula, but the Miami-based hurricane center said Ophelia was expected to undergo steady weakening through Monday.
The arrival of moose to the Avalon Peninsula appears to have been delayed by several decades due to slower migration across a narrow isthmus (Broders et al.
This selection, chosen to represent a standardized level of access to hunting, excluded special management units (created in a few remote locations) but included any management unit intersecting the Trans Canada Highway, plus two management units on the Avalon Peninsula less than a 30 minute drive from the highway and less than an hour from metropolitan St.
By 1993-2001 this situation changed, with quotas > 10% of the population in all sampled management units, and >20 % of the population in 15 of the 22 management units we sampled, including all but unit 44 on the Avalon Peninsula (Table 2).
Moose quotas, expressed as license sales, relative to population size in management units in western Newfoundland (open circles), in central Newfoundland (triangles), and on the Avalon Peninsula (squares), in 1985-1991 and 1993-2001.
French fishing villages were scattered along Placentia Bay, while the English occupied the east side of the Avalon Peninsula, from Ferryland to St.
John's while d'Iberville struck overland across the Avalon Peninsula.
It was early spring when he too reached Placentia, having covered the length and breadth of the Avalon Peninsula and everywhere leaving misery and want in his wake.
Its influence caused an Irish pattern of speech and a vocabulary that is still noticeable in current Newfoundland English, especially in the Avalon Peninsula.
So, on 18 July, the GTS Katie stopped some 600km west of Canada, and then halted once more on 1 August, this time some 86 km south of the Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland.
5, 1996--Mobil Corporation announced today that Mobil Oil Canada Properties, Chevron Canada Resources, and Petro-Canada, partners in the Hibernia offshore oil development project, will form a company that will own and construct a crude oil transshipment terminal on the Avalon Peninsula at Whiffen Head, Newfoundland, about five kilometers south of the town of Come by Chance.