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(Latinized name of Johannes Turmair). Born July 4, 1477; died Jan. 9, 1534. German historian and humanist.

Aventinus’ major work, Bavarian Chronicle (written in Latin and later revised and translated into German by the author), puts the history of Bavaria through 1519 in the perspective of German and world history. The work is nationalistic in its treatment of the past and critical of Aventinus’ times; it has antiprincely and anti-Catholic tendencies.


Sämtliche Werke, vols. 1–6. Munich, 1880–1908.
Baierische Chronik. Edited by G. Leidinger. Jena, 1926.


Vainshtein, O. L. Zapadnoevropeiskaia srednevekovaia istoriografiia. Moscow-Leningrad, 1964. Pages 332–34.
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The Schneider Weisse Tap 6 Unser Aventinus is a dark-ruby colour wheat doppelbock with a creamy fine head.
Aventinus wasn't really a contender when he finished 14th of 17 in a Class 2 six-furlong nursery handicap.
In 1572 Sir Thomas Smith wrote to advise his son, who was about to set out for Ireland, that "for the first year there, and peradventure the second, ye shall do well to take one sure and convenient place to make a fort, as Byrso was to Dido, and Mons Aventinus to Romulus.
In three chapters, written by Uta Goerlitz (86-110), Christina Deutsch (111-21), and Andrej Doronin (123-50), the focus lies on German, or more precisely Bavarian, humanists: the famous Konrad Peutinger and Burkard Zink, both from Augsburg, and Johannes Aventinus.
Jerome's pet lion, the bear who invaded Aventinus of Tro-yes's (6th century) cell, but only to lick his feet and request medical attention for its wounded paw; St.
In all of these three instances we are dealing with sons of divinities or deified heroes, for Aventinus is a son of Hercules (Silvius of Aeneas, and Romulus and Remus of Mars).
Seran los que esten olfateando y probando las cervezas de sus companeros: clasicos mundiales, como la alemana Aventinus Dunkel Weizenbock, con un ligero sabor a chocolate; la Abbott, de sabor fuerte a malta, del monasterio trapense Westvleteren (2) que debe recogerse directamente en esta abadia bel ga--; la Highgate Mild Ale de la region central de Inglaterra, que es dificil de encontrar--las ales britanicas de las afueras de Londres son una especialidad--; o la aromatica Pale Ale, el aborada artesanalmente en los EE.
Leffe Blonde and Schneider Aventinus are the most popular.
He does so by leaning on a wide range and a great number of sources: not only the sometimes nearly-too-well-known humanist writings of Aventinus and others but also the many juridical, political, or politico-theological tracts and pamphlets that were printed between the Augsburg Peace of Religion (1555) and the Munster and Osnabruck Peace of Westphalia (1648).
However, later "vernacular" and "pragmatist" chroniclers such as Johannes Aventinus, a Bavarian humanist historian, and Aurelius, the author of the Divisiekroniek, accepted these local differences.
Cordius Hermes, conturbernalis, con Cordia Mochis, cuyo matrimonio dura cincuenta y cinco anos en una inscripcion de Emerita Augusta (65), el ejemplo de Aesyria Fuscula casada con Publicius (66), o el de Amabilis Succesae lib(erta) que contrajo matrimonio con un liberto foraneo Aventinus Maximae lib.