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(əbĭm`əlĕk), in the Bible.

1 Name or title of a king of Gerar who had various dealings with Abraham and Isaac.

2 See AhimelechAhimelech
, in the Bible.

1 Priest at Nob, brother of, or perhaps the same as, Ahijah (2.) He befriended David, and Saul had him killed. In some passages his name is reversed with that of his son, Abiathar.

2 Hittite in David's camp.
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3 Son of Gideon. He murdered his 70 brothers, except Jotham, and became "king."


slew his 70 brothers to become ruler. [O.T.: Judges 9:5]
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22:9-10), though it may be a generic royal title like Pharaoh and Avimelech.
Avimelech Bin Israel, and a college student from Detroit honoring her father who was one of the original march participants.
At least one commentator suggests that the Akedah was a punishment for the peace treaty that Abraham signed with the Philistine king, Avimelech, just before the Akedah, in which Abraham granted him sovereignty over land that God had promised to Abraham.
Isaac, distrustful of Avimelech and feeling grievously wronged by him, nonetheless rose to the occasion to ensure their peaceful coexistence.
Abraham travels to Egypt, where seemingly he betrays his wife, first in his encounter with Pharaoh, and later with the Philistine king Avimelech, of Gerar.
Isaac (like his father) appears to betray his wife by exposing her to the danger of being raped by Avimelech, and is cheated out of his water rights by the Philistines.
For example, when they headed to Egypt (Genesis 12:1113) and again when facing King Avimelech in G'rar for the first time (Gen.
The consequences of this white lie are strangely parallel to the white lie told in Genesis by Abraham to King Avimelech -- who tells his purported but innocent antagonist that his wife is his sister.