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, village, Portalegre dist., central Portugal, in Alto Alentejo. The Castilian order of the Knights of Calatrava assisted in driving the Moors from Portugal and in 1166 settled at Évora.
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, Portugal.
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Hosted by Europe Plus Foundation and Avise Partners, the Transatlantic Green Platform (TGP) will feature some of the world's most promising clean-tech companies and introduce them to European utility, energy and manufacturing leaders from BP, Total, EDF, Veolia, Siemens, Cool Energy and Renault among others.
Exagen's lead product, Avise SLE+, enables SLE diagnostic testing with balanced sensitivity and strong specificity and is combined with several additional Connective Tissue Disease (CTD) markers.
Because of the extreme level of variation found in menhaden mtDNA, both in this study and in a previous study (Bowen and Avise, 1990), we employed a mutation saturation test as instituted in DAMBE.
This is an excellent opportunity for GNi to engage with qualified prospects, partners, and investors," said Jean-Bernard Guerree, Managing Director at Avise Partners.
Exagen also offers its newest panel, Avise SLE+ Connective Tissue, which is a comprehensive connective tissue disease diagnostic specifically created to help provide assistance with differential diagnosis of autoimmune diseases.
This high-profile event is an excellent opportunity for Project FROG to engage with qualified prospects, partners and investors," said Jean-Bernard Guerree, managing director at Avise Partners.
Avise, le wali a convoque le chef de la daira et le P/APC de Bir El-Djir ainsi que les deux mis en cause.
a specialty focused molecular diagnostics laboratory that discovers, develops and markets proprietary tests for rheumatologists and gastroenterologists, announced today the launch of Avise SLE, which aids in the diagnosis of lupus (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus).
More recently, allozyme data (Seeb, 1986) and mtDNA variation (Johns and Avise, 1998; Rocha-Olivares, 1998a; Seeb, 1998; Rocha-Olivares et al.
Avise Partners announces today the presenting company candidates.
En fonction des individus, un traitement preventif ou curatif systematique par antibiotiques pourra etre propose [beaucoup plus grand que], avise ce dernier.
Pilot program utilizes Exagen's Avise PG(SM) specialized blood-testing service to help physicians optimize treatment therapies for patients with rheumatoid arthritis.