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Ethiopia: see AksumAksum
or Axum
, town (1994 pop. 27,148), Tigray region, N Ethiopia. Aksum was the capital of an empire (c.1st–8th cent. A.D.) that controlled much of what is now N Ethiopia. In the 4th cent.
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To execute its well-defined investment strategy, Axum has brought together a best-in-class and diverse team with deep industry expertise, robust transaction execution capabilities and a unique ability to create value in its portfolio through its access to the professional athlete community.
Any user of DeltaGraph, Stanford Graphics, Graftool, Fig P, EasyPlot, Axum, SlideWrite, Plot It, or Origin can send Jandel either their manual title page or disk 1 to take advantage of this special competitive upgrade price.
Axum, S-PLUS, StatServer, StudyWorks and Mathcad are registered trademarks, and the MathSoft logo is a trademark of MathSoft, Inc.
We get a close look at highlights like the pyramids, the stelae of Axum, the Great Mosque of Djenne of mud architecture fame, the pillar tombs in Milindi, one of the surviving ancient Swahili towns on the Kenyan coast, the Gate of No Return in Ouidah in Benin, and countless other wonderworks of the past.
As an integrated part of Mathcad 2001i's Premium edition package, Axum 7 optimizes Mathcad's interactive design, calculation and reporting capabilities to create the most comprehensive and easy-to-use design and publishing tool.
The Axum University and two campuses of Mekelle University will admit a total of 140 students drawn from various Eritrean refugee camps based in this region," Mekelle University member of staff on a condition of anonymity told Sudan Tribune on Friday.
Allegro attended the Ethiopian Timkat ceremony in Axum in January 2001.
The Premium Edition also includes all the feature improvements in Mathcad 2001i Professional, as well as SmartSketch 4, the new version of Intergraph's easy-to-use design, drafting and diagramming application, Axum 7, the soon-to-be-released version of the premier technical charting package for analyzing, exploring and presenting data, and new VisSim Plus.
In a dinner invitation at Mekelle's Axum hotel state president Tsegay Berhe said that the people and regional government of Tigray are proud and honored to host the Sudanese delegation.
Edlefsen co-founded, grew, and sold two successful software companies, Aptech Systems -- the producers of the GAUSS Mathematical and Statistical System, and TriMetrix -- the creators of the Axum technical graphics and data analysis package.
Then a promise was extracted from the Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, to honour a long-made pledge to return an ancient obelisk to Axum in northern Ethiopia, from where it was looted in 1937 by Mussolini's troops.