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Ethiopia: see AksumAksum
or Axum
, town (1994 pop. 27,148), Tigray region, N Ethiopia. Aksum was the capital of an empire (c.1st–8th cent. A.D.) that controlled much of what is now N Ethiopia. In the 4th cent.
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Axum Capital Partners makes equity investments in middle market operating companies across North America.
Axum has designed its own equipment, which it claims is more ecofriendly than other methods which use big cranes and large pumps.
The Obelisk of Axum spent 68 years in Rome; no wonder some Italians maintained it should not be returned as it had become Italian by naturalisation.
The Noor Dubai medical team consisted of five ophthalmology specialists and seven ophthalmic technicians who were joined by volunteers from the Axum health centre as well as volunteers from the Dubai Health Authority.
Engineer Essa Al Maidoo, director-general of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Noor Dubai Foundation, said in a media statement: "The six-day series of intensive operations to cure blindness in people suffering from cataracts and other causes of reversible blindness in Ethiopia was conducted successfully due to the efforts of the Noor Dubai team, who shall visit Axum again on April 8 to re-evaluate the outcome of surgeries and success of treatment.
Por eso, te pido que me permitas narrarte mi historia intimamente ligada al reino de Axum, la reina de Saba y, por supuesto, al tesoro que hoy resguardo.
It seemed that Christianity had lapsed a bit after a couple of centuries, but Frumentius changed that, became regent upon the king's death and eventually went to Alexandria to ask Athanasius to send a bishop to Axum.
You don't believe my great ancestors brought the Ark home to Axum, do you Mr.
THE SIGN AND THE SEAL Following obscure clues from ancient stories and Biblical tales, through the secretive workings of the Knights Templar, Hancock claims to have traced the Lost Ark of the Covenant from its source in ancient Egypt to its final resting place in Africa, in the ancient city of Axum.
Colourful: Ethiopian Orthodox priests in procession from the cathedral at Axum, Ethiopia, for the feast of St Yared.
Since 2004, German advisors and 47 Ethiopian consultancies, 17 management companies, 60 contractors and over 10,000 labourers in local craft-based co-ops have built 13 new university campuses across the country (including Axum, 1,010km north of Addis Ababa, pictured above).
600," Peter Brown writes extensively on Christians in Sasanian Persia, the Sudan, northwest Africa, central Asia, Axum (Ethiopia), Himyar (Yemen), as well as in Europe.