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, c.614–678, third and favorite of the nine wives of Muhammad the Prophet. Her father was Abu Bakr, who became first caliph after the Prophet's death. She was married to the Prophet soon after the Hegira, his only wife that was neither a widow nor a divorcee.
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, Ayesha
?613--678 ad, the favourite wife of Mohammed; daughter of Abu Bekr
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Addressing on the occasion MNA Ayesha Syed said women of Dir had got all the talent to play their role if they were provided with the opportunities.
In her address to the Sixth International Conference of Parliamentarian against Corruption, currently convening in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, Ayesha said that the conditions of the economic embargo imposed on Sudan has negatively affected the citizen's daily life.
Ayesha was born with spina bifi-da - a condition that prevented her spine from developing properly, leaving a gap in her spinal column.
Ayesha Mumtaz dubbed as Dabang Lady and her team shut down big and small eateries regardless of prestige or identity of the owner.
Ayesha Mubarak is the first Bahraini woman selected by this network to represent the Kingdom of Bahrain.
TRAGEDY struck when double lung transplant patient Ayesha Ahmed lost her life at the age of just 21.
While the judge said the evidence made it clear that Muddar was responsible for inflicting the fatal head injury to Ayesha, they had both taken part in the abuse, which involved terrorising Ayesha in the night by wearing "vile masks".
Mr Ali, who described Ayesha as his "sunshine" and "closest friend", said: "The child you gave birth to - to take her life away - that is something I can never forgive.
Today, Ayesha works at Abu Dhabi Ports flagship Khalifa Port, the first semi-automated port in the GCC region and one of the most technologically advanced ports around the globe.
Cut to January 2015, Ayesha, having successfully bagged her 'dream job', is officially the UAE's first female Emirati crane operator ever, all set to operate a 126 metre crane to move containers from large container vessels to shore at Khalifa Port.