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see PygmyPygmy
or Pigmy
, term used for dark-skinned people who live in equatorial rain forests and average less than 59 in. (150 cm) in height. Some studies make a distinction between Negrillos, who live in Africa, and Negritos, who live in Southeast Asia, New Guinea, and the
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(in Russian also Atta, Inagta, and so on; they have no general self-designation), a group of Negroid tribes, short in stature, which constitutes the indigenous population of the Philippine Islands. They inhabit the mountain regions and the eastern part of Luzon. Small groups of Aeta also live in the interior of the Negros and Panay islands and the northeastern part of Mindanao. Several other Negroid groups on the islands of Mindoro and Palawan are also sometimes called Aeta. The population is approximately 50,000 (1967 estimate), more than 30,000 of whom are on the island of Luzon. They speak numerous dialects of the Indonesian group of the Malayo-Polynesian language family. Their religious concepts amount to a form of primitive animism. In addition to a hunting and gathering economy, agriculture is developed among the Aeta.

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The Central Luzon Ayta Association was also borne from the rubbles of disaster as it organized indigenous Ayta tribes in 1991 in response to the displacement of their communities from Mount Pinatubo's eruption.
Cruise ship passengers were taken to various tourist destinations in the freeport, including the Ayta indigenous park in Pamulaklakin, Ocean Adventure and Zoobic Safari.
H'sn' Senlendirici, along with bandmates Ismael Tunbilek and Ayta Do?
The Magbukun Ayta community in the Kanawan Reservation Area in Morong, Bataan, strongly condemns the blatant disregard of certain government officials of their ancestral domain rights.
Ragragio, A survey of plants used as repellents against hematophagous insects by the Ayta people of Porac, Pampanga province, Philippines.
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Avec Ziani Cherif Ayad, M'hamed Benguettaf, Sonia et d'autres, il tenta l'experience du theatre independant en Algerie en creant en 1990 la compagnie Masrah El-Qalaa, periode durant laquelle il realisa les piece [beaucoup moins que] El Ayta [beaucoup plus grand que] (le Cri) et [beaucoup moins que] Hafila Tassir 2 [beaucoup plus grand que].
Ainsi, apres Mawazine, l'evenement musical phare de l'annee qui a battu son record de frequentations avec les 2,6 millions de festivaliers, notre pays a accueilli egalement cet ete d'autres evenements incontournables, notamment le festival Gnaoua et des musiques sacrees organise a Essaouira, la [beaucoup moins que]ville des alizes[beaucoup plus grand que], le festival Timitar a Agadir, le festival du Rai a Oujda, le festival national des Arts d'Ahwach a Ouarzazate, le festival Twiza dans la ville du detroit et bien d'autres qui se deroulent actuellement comme le festival National de l'Art de la Ayta et le festival Voix de femmes de Tetouan.
Hussein Ali Kowayes, 48, was wounded in the explosion while the team was removing cluster bombs from a field in Ayta al-Jabal.
The patrol consisting of 13 Israeli soldiers crossed a 15-meter distance into the Lebanese territories in Khallet Warde region in Ayta Ash Shab, southern Lebanon, it said.
A spokesman on behalf of the PLO, Faiz Abu Ayta, in a press statement issued by the Media and Culture Commission today (Monday August 6, 2012) described the attack as a callous, cowardly massacre which does not serve except the interest of enemies of both the brotherly Egyptian and Palestinian peoples.