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For the southeastern United States, northeastern Caribbean Sea, and the Azores Islands, there were large differences in [[theta].
References to this species in the Azores islands, the most isolated and extensive island group in the NE Atlantic (37[degrees] - 40[degrees]N; 24[degrees] - 32[degrees]W), date back to the XVIth century with the report of a stranded "boto" in Sao Miguel island (Silva et al.
AN AIRLINER dived sharply to avoid a mid-air collision with a smaller aircraft near the Azores Islands yesterday, injuring 31 passengers and two crew.
As Portugal's PM, Barroso, supported the US-led invasion, playing host to a prewar summit meeting with the leaders of the US, Britain and Spain in the Azores Islands.
Bush held emergency summit talks with British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar on Portugal's Azores Islands in the eastern Atlantic Ocean.
At a joint news conference after the summit Sunday in Portugal's Azores Islands, U.
An Air France flight was forced to make an unscheduled landing in the mid-Atlantic Azores Islands on Friday (3 May) after a disturbance involving an unruly passenger.
The 46-year-old handyman - he looks a little like ESPN personality Chris Berman - grew up in the Azores islands off Portugal, where he climbed the highest cliffs seeking out the young pigeons, or "squabs," and caring for them as his own.
Synchronized traffic management created a win-win situation for both the American military and our hosts, Portugal and the Azores Islands.
For example, he is able to deal with the Madeira and Azores Islands in a clear, understandable way covering a number of decades.
After the Azores Islands, they came back to the United States, to Terrin Air Force Base in Texas, followed by an Office of Special Investigations assignment in Washington, D.
Also cited in his forecast are high-altitude wind patterns near the equator, rainfall in West Africa and atmospheric pressure over the Azores Islands in October and November.